Ski Models and Technology

Iris Skis currently has two ski models in 3 sizes. The ski models are the CX1 and the FS1 which stands for Crossover model one and Freestyle/Frontside model one. Both Ski models are offered in the following sizes 168cm, 177cm, 185cm. All orders are built at time of purchase and all orders are shipped within 3 weeks of purchase. 

The Crossover ski is designed as a great one ski quiver for in bounds skiers. Being based out of Boulder Colorado I often find myself sharing the mountain with many other skiers. On a typical ski day I may get to rip some powder in the morning but by afternoon I find myself deeper and deeper into the trees looking for fresh tracks. To finish out my ski day I may find myself carving up a groomer with some friends or taking a few lapse through the park. This ski was designed for that skier. The 177cm ski stands at 133-100-123 and has a quick snappy turning radius of 16m. Learn more about the CX1 woody Here




The Freestyle/Frontside ski is an agile playful ski with a sleek classic look. The bouncy bamboo core stacked next to a titanal topsheet makes for a very energetic ski with a lot of "Pop". This ski is comfortable at high speeds yet soft enough to play in the park.  At 177cm the dimensions are 115-86-112 with a 19m turning radius. Learn more about the FS1 Here